Virtualization Experts

Virtualization is applicable to a wide variety of computing, networking and storage infrastructure. With virtualization, you divide a ‘physical’ device into multiple ‘virtual’ devices, each of which can operate independently. With the latest virtualization technologies, IT resources can be allocated ‘on demand’, enabling physical resources to be used far more efficiently. The result is lower investment and operating costs, increased reliability and improved disaster recovery capabilities. Microcomp provides VMware and Microsoft Hyper V virtualization services to the greater Montreal, Quebec region.

Let Microcomp’s virtualization experts help you to develop a virtualization strategy that will maximize the return on your IT and network investments. Microcomp can help you to evaluate where virtualization can provide competitive advantage by lowering costs, improving services, reducing response times and increasing productivity.

// Server Virtualization

Server virtualization enables your datacenter or office servers to run multiple instances of applications on a single physical server. In many cases, servers will be operating at 5 – 10% capacity. Virtualization lets you harness that latent capacity to scale your IT infrastructure without adding physical devices. You can lower capital expenditure and operating costs to lower your total cost of operation.


OS virtualization enables you to run many guest operating systems with multiple applications on the same server. This can be a great solution for a small to mid-sized business looking to be as efficient with their IT resource investment as possible. Microcomp offers a variety of VMware solutions and Hyper V solutions to help with all types of small business virtualization software.


Network virtualization lets you combine multiple networks into one or divide one network into many. Like other forms of virtualization, network virtualization enables you to take advantage of all the capacity of the physical hardware, while increasing manageability and control of the network infrastructure. The result is a more reliable service at a lower overall cost.


Your employees can have ‘their’ desktop no matter where they are. With ‘Desktop Virtualization’ you have the reliability, security and redundancy of the datacenter at every employee’s disposal. Let Microcomp’s virtualization experts show you how to improve your end-user support with desktop virtualization.


Cloud computing enables your company to extend the concept of virtualization beyond infrastructure that you own, into IT resources that you USE AND PAY FOR ‘on demand’. Cloud strategies can be the right answer for specific business challenges and Microcomp is able to provide you with a range of cloud solutions, including cloud based VMware and Hyper V virtualization software for small businesses.

Microcomp can provide critical business software such as Microsoft Office and Outlook in a cloud solution. For a small monthly fee your employees can have access to their workplace tools anytime, anywhere.

Microcomp provides VMware and Microsoft Hyper V virtualization services to the greater Montreal, Quebec region, including: Montreal, Laval, Terrebonne, Boucherville, Longueuil, Le Gardeur, Repentigny, Le Gardeur, Verdun, Lasalle, Lachine, Dorval, Pointe-Claire, Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Pierrefonds, Quebec City